Guarantee of success

Our no-questions-asked guarantee: If after completing your program you don’t get the score you want on the next SAT, we will allow you to take our next SAT Core class AND receive semi-private tutoring for free.

We are confident that the TestMagic program will work for you. So confident that we offer this guarantee: if after completing our program you feel you’ve not quite reached your goals, we will work with you to help you reach your full potential. To this end, we will allow you to take, at no extra cost to you, the next SAT Core class we offer and join our semi-private tutoring sessions.  All we ask is the following: that you attend class, complete your homework, and make an honest effort to improve. We have many thousands of hours invested into developing and refining our SAT course and are confident that it will work for you. Our comprehensive SAT prep not only delivers content (both in-class and online), but also prepares you in myriad ways to excel, both on your test and in school.

The fine print? Read on:

  • We ask that students attend all scheduled classes and simulated tests. Students: If you cannot make it to a class, please let us know in advance (at least 24 hours in advance, please), and we’ll find another suitable class for you to attend.
  • We ask that you complete all of your assigned homework, on time, with an accuracy of 80% or higher. (Quite feasible.) TestMagic homework is carefully designed to reinforce certain key concepts and material taught in class, and it’s a vital part of our program.
  • Students should take the official SAT soon after completing our course. Students: Take your official SAT no later than 30 days after you complete your TestMagic SAT prep program, or the first available SAT test (whichever comes first).
  • How improvement is measured: In an ideal world, TestMagic would be able to measure your improvement with before and after official SAT test results to measure your improvement. However, in the real world, that is simply not possible in many cases, as many of our students take our course before taking the official SAT for the very first time. In this case, TestMagic will use a diagnostic test to estimate the “before” score. Students: If you have never taken the official SAT before, we will use a diagnostic test administered before you begin your SAT-preparation course at TestMagic. Your “after” score will be the official SAT test as described above.
  • The point increase: We guarantee that your score will increase as a direct result of taking our SAT review course. If your score does not go up as much as you would like, you may take/re-take our SAT Core class. Please, if your score increases 300 points or more, and you still want to raise your score, consider our other SAT prep courses designed specifically for people in your situation. Guarantee of satisfaction: If after completing your SAT prep course (as described above) you feel that you did not gain as much as you wanted, you may avail yourself of the options listed below.
  • What TestMagic will offer you: If your score did not increase as much as you wanted or if you feel that you did not gain as much as you could have from our course, you may, for no extra charge, prepare yourself for the next SAT test date by taking the TestMagic SAT Core class one time, attending up to eight of our three-hour drop-in semi-private tutoring sessions, or both. (We really want you to do well on your SAT and feel confident on test day.) Students and parents: You must notify us by email or in writing within 30 days of the administration of the “target” official SAT to take advantage of this offer.
  • Please, continue to use the materials issued at initial registration.

Summary: The TestMagic program works for serious students. We offer a comprehensive program, great teachers, and full out-of-class support. We want you to feel satisfied with our offerings, our course, our teachers, and our value.

Finally, we genuinely believe that the TestMagic course is hands-down the best option for students who want to raise their SAT scores quickly and effectively in an environment that is intellectually demanding and stimulating. We realize that there are some people who have already maxed out their SAT scores, but we would like our students and their parents to feel confident about signing up with TestMagic. And of course, please see TestMagic for full details.

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