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SAT vocabulary: amiable

What does amiable mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word amiable

First, before you read about the word amiable, try this quick vocab quiz:

amiable most nearly means

(A) torrid
(B) affable
(C) happy
(D) aware
(E) calm

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Now let’s learn about the word amiable.

Part of Speech of amiable

amiable is an ADJECTIVE.

Pronunciation amiable

Here’s how to pronounce amiable:

IPA: /ˈeɪ.mi.ə.bəl/

Glossary-style: [AY-mee-uh-buhl]

Definition of amiable

amiable means: having a pleasant personality; friendly, kind.

Explain more about amiable, please

amiable is a happy word. It’s used to describe people who are very friendly, approachable, good-natured, easy to talk to, and well, just plain super nice.

A mnemonic to help you remember this word–do you know anyone named Amy? Perhaps an Amy who is very friendly and easy-going? Just say this to yourself: “Amy is amiable“, and you’ll never forget this word. (If Amy’s not so friendly, just pretend she is, okay. Work with me here.)

Example of amiable

Here’s the word amiable used in a sentence:

Amy is considered amiable by all those who know her; she is very approachable, friendly, and delightful to talk to.

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Answer to the quick vocab quiz

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That’s an awesome tip. I actually tell people that in class. Spanish (and other Romance languages as well) is a great language to know to beef up your English vocabulary.

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