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Challenge SAT vocab: conundrum

You can’t trace your finger across a continuous surface. It’s a conundrum!

What does conundrum mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word conundrum

First, before you read about the word conundrum, try this quick vocab quiz:

conundrum most nearly means

(A) danger
(B) reply
(C) occurrence
(D) puzzle
(E) attitude

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Now let’s learn about the word conundrum.

Part of Speech of conundrum

conundrum is a NOUN.

Pronunciation of conundrum

Here’s how to pronounce conundrum:

IPA: /kə.ˈnən.drəm/

Glossary-style: [kuh-NUHN-druhm]

Definition of conundrum

conundrum means: a difficult situation or problem. a complex or difficult question or riddle, especially one whose answer involves a pun or play on words.

Explain more about conundrum, please

A conundrum can refer to a couple of things. Originally, a conundrum referred to a specific kind of riddle (one whose answer was a pun, or play on words). But today, a conundrum can also refer to a situation that does not have an easy solution. Sounds a lot like a dilemma, right? Yes, there is a lot of overlap between the words conundrum, dilemma, enigma, and a few other words.

Example of conundrum

Here’s the word conundrum used in a sentence:

The scandal presented the politician with a tricky conundrum: how could he support his former allies without ruining his reputation?

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Answer to the quick vocab quiz

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