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SAT vocabulary: culpable

What does culpable mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word culpable

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culpable most nearly means

(A) able to be farmed
(B) encouraging
(C) incorrect
(D) wistful
(E) guilty

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Now let’s learn about the word culpable.

Part of Speech of culpable

culpable is an ADJECTIVE.

Pronunciation culpable

Here’s how to pronounce culpable:

IPA: /ˈkəl.pə.bəl/

Glossary-style: [KUHL-puh-buhl]

Definition of culpable

culpable means: deserving of blame, scorn, or censure (Ex: culpable neglect). responsible for doing something bad (Ex: culpable for hurting someone).

This little boy is CULPABLE for eating his markers!
This little boy is CULPABLE for eating his markers! He has done something bad.
Explain more about culpable, please

If someone is culpable, then he has done something bad. If a thing is culpable, then it causes harm or otherwise makes the world worse. For example, someone forgets to do something very important (like forgetting to turn off a stove burner), we could say that his forgetfulness is culpable.

We can also use the word culpable to mean that someone is guilty of something or responsible for doing something bad.

Grammar question! What preposition should we use with culpable? Answer: We generally say culpable for, not culpable of, even though we would say guilty of. So in this sense, culpable uses the same preposition that responsible uses.

Example of culpable

Here’s the word culpable used in a sentence:

People who leave their pets in cars in hot weather can rightly be found culpable for neglect, as the intense heat inside the car can harm animals.

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