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SAT vocabulary: inchoate

A tadpole illustrates the challenge vocabulary word "inchoate"
These frogs in training are going to become an army of frogs one day.

What does inchoate mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word inchoate

First, before you read about the word inchoate, try this quick vocab quiz:

inchoate most nearly means

(A) unformed
(B) lucky
(C) new
(D) layered
(E) toxic

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Now let’s learn about the word inchoate.

Part of Speech of inchoate

inchoate is a(n) ADJECTIVE.

Pronunciation inchoate

Here’s how to pronounce inchoate:

IPA: /ɪn.ˈkoʊ.ɪt/

Glossary-style: [ihn-KO-iht]

Definition of inchoate

inchoate means: not yet completely formed; still developing (Ex: an inchoate plan). in an early stage of development.

Explain more about inchoate, please

Something that is inchoate is not fully formed; it’s still in the process of growing or becoming more fully formed. We commonly use inchoate today to talk about ideas or plans to change that have just started, i.e., that haven’t yet gotten off the ground.

Example of inchoate

Here’s the word inchoate used in a sentence:

Most of the student’s ideas for his term paper were inchoate–he had a vague idea that he wanted to write something meaningful and world-changing, but he had no specific details.

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