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SAT vocabulary: inexorable

You. You are unstoppable.

What does inexorable mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word inexorable

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inexorable most nearly means

(A) fast
(B) slow
(C) old
(D) unstoppable
(E) new

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Now let’s learn about the word inexorable.

Part of Speech of inexorable

inexorable is an ADJECTIVE.

Pronunciation of inexorable

Here’s how to pronounce inexorable:

IPA: /ɪn.ˈɛks.ə.rə.bəl/

Glossary-style: [ihn-EHKS-uh-ruh-buhl]

Definition of inexorable

inexorable means: not able to be persuaded, changed, or stopped (Ex: inexorable advance of technology).

Explain more about inexorable, please
Example of inexorable

Here’s the word inexorable used in a sentence:

Websites today capitalize on people’s desire to be recognized and even celebrated, resulting in an inexorable decline of privacy that is unlikely to be halted or even slowed.

Discussion: inexorable has always been one of my favorite words, probably because it implies a sense of power and immutability that denotes a great force or occasionally will.

Interestingly, inexorable shares a Latin word root with other familiar words such as orateorare, which means to argue.

Quickly checking the usage of this word over time, I see that inexorable seems to be shifting more towards a meaning of being unstoppable from its original and more literal sense of unable to be argued with or proven wrong, which is the way that I’ve most often heard it used.

Finally, this word makes me think of juggernaut, which will be an excellent word to discuss in another vocab article.

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