Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes you better than other SAT Prep places?
    1. TestMagic teachers write the curriculum, so they’re well-prepared to teach it. Dare we say that our teachers know the material like the backs of their hands?
    2. We have many students who improve by over 300 points & many who are accepted into Tier I schools
    3. We’ve done this since 1998.
  2. What if I can’t make it to a class?
    1. If you know you’re going to miss a class, it’s always best to call TestMagic as soon as you can so we can schedule a make-up class and/or make a special arrangement.
    2. Any missed class has to be made up within the same week.
    3. Missing any classes is usually disadvantageous to the student–the class in which they attend to make up another may not follow the lesson they had missed.
  3. What are your teachers like?
    1. Awesome
    2. Smart
    3. Funny
    4. Many have had experience teaching and/or tutoring before they came to TestMagic
    5. They’re all college graduates
  4. Do you have personal statement classes?
    1. It’s not something we do often, or ever.
    2. We do have a personal statement workshop once a year just in time for high school seniors to start on their college applications.
    3. If it’s something you must have, we charge $500 for 5 hours of private personal statement sessions.
  5. Why are classes so expensive?
    1. Classes elsewhere cost around the same amount, if not more. We promise that TestMagic is a worthy investment. (Or do you invest in your child’s future/SAT scores?)
    2. Our classes and material take a lot of time to develop. We put a lot of work into helping you or your child improve on the SAT as much as possible.
    3. We print a lot of packets. That requires ink, time, & paper. All of which is expensive.
    4. Price also depends on length of study. The more classes you take, the cheaper they are per class.
  6. By how many points do your students improve?
    1. Students who put in time and effort to do the homework and come to class often increase their scores by about 200 or more points. We have even had students who improved their official SAT score by over 700 points.
    2. Those who visit to the gym will not see results if they do not actively exercise. What good will passively watching other gym attendees do? While the brain’s mirror neurons do activate some brain regions that enable the observer to crudely mimic another’s actions, they do not effectively help one remember what is being taught. (We’ve thoroughly studied how students can best learn!)
    3. To answer your question more directly: it depends. We have students who are really dedicated to learning the material–those students do exceedingly well.

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