What does austere mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word austere

First, before you read about the word austere, try this quick vocab quiz:

austere most nearly means

(A) calm
(B) static
(C) severe
(D) cold
(E) firm

Write your answer down, or just store it in that razor-sharp mind of yours. (If you can’t wait, the answer is below.)

Now let’s learn about the word austere.

Part of Speech of austere

austere is an ADJECTIVE.

Pronunciation of austere

Here’s how to pronounce austere:

IPA: /ɔ.ˈstɪər/

Glossary-style: [aw-STEER]

Definition of austere

austere means: serious, severe, or stern. lacking any physical comfort or decoration (Ex: living austerely in the wilderness).

Explain more about austere, please

austere means not having comfort or decoration. The idea is that if something is austere, then it completely lacks anything unnecessary; it is the bare minimum that is needed. For example, austere living conditions would not include soft, fluffy pillows, massage chairs, or anything that makes life more relaxing or enjoyable.

Example of austere

Here’s the word austere used in a sentence:

Monks are widely known for subjecting themselves to living austere lives, eschewing all comforts in an effort to make their minds spiritually pure.

If you’ve read this far, you’re a great student and will learn vocabulary quickly. You may now check your answer.

Answer to the quick vocab quiz

[spoiler]The best answer is (C) severe. Any questions? Please feel free to post them in the comments. We love comments. :)[/spoiler]

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