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What does axiom mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word axiom

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axiom most nearly means

(A) concern
(B) time
(C) value
(D) truth
(E) rancor

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Now let’s learn about the word axiom.

Part of Speech of axiom

axiom is a NOUN.

Pronunciation of axiom

Here’s how to pronounce axiom:

IPA: /ˈæəm/

Glossary-style: [AHK-see-uhm]

Definition of axiom

axiom means: an idea or principle that a large number of people accept without proof as true (Ex: It is an axiom of American journalism that reporters should report the news without opinion or emotion.).

Explain more about axiom, please

An axiom is an idea that people accept as true without proof. For example, we have axioms in math, such as X = X. In common language, an axiom is a truth or “rule” that people accept as self-evident, such as “people want to be rewarded for their efforts” or “a society must have intelligent, working citizens in order to progress”.

You may wish to look at this list of examples of axioms.

Example of axiom

Here’s the word axiom used in a sentence:

I read a book some years ago that proclaimed that “it’s axiomatic” that “boys are bad,” a sentiment that has truth but is obviously exaggerated for effect.

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