In a nutshell: I am a little behind on sending out new vocabulary words. To get caught up, I will send out abbreviated Words of the Day for a short while.

Authoring a word of the day has turned out to be a lot more time-consuming than I had anticipated. I initially thought that it would be easy to come up with a new word every day, write a definition for it, and then send it out. But I quickly got requests for, among other things, pronunciation, examples, and more information. I also started adding a few extras myself – a vocabulary quiz, extra information, and the occasional image to accompany the word. I have also tinkered with the design a bit and have, the help of two other talented people, created a little PHP script that enables me to generate newsletters and vocab entries quickly.

However, I am still behind on the words. When I take the “kitchen sink” approach to writing the TestMagic SAT Word of the Day, it can take me three to four hours to write one entry. I won’t go into the details of finding the word, defining the word, writing the IPA pronunciation, finding a royalty-free image, and writing a vocabulary quiz, but it really does take that long. So, for a short while, I will send out shorter versions of TestMagic SAT Word of the Day. The good news is that the abbreviated SAT vocabulary word will be displayed in our shiny, new format, which I believe is much, much prettier than the previous version.

Any comments? Please post here, and thank you for reading and learning with us.

(This entry was dictated with Dragon Naturally Speaking.)

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  1. thank you so much for your relentless work in letting us all know new word each day since so long. It’s a good and economical notion to concise the format, but make sure to keep the pronunciation and example with the word rest all fine .

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