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Hi, Jenny. The local school district (SFUSD) has made local students’ vacations longer than usual this year; we had to decide whether to start earlier or later in the summer for our program. We decided to start later, but we are offering the option of an extra two weeks of intensive Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary class before the SAT course starts.

As for the age and grade level–most rising freshmen take other classes. However, we do have a few pretty smart and motivated middle-school students who are preparing specifically for the SAT or PSAT and take one of our SAT courses. Most likely, we would recommend one of our Essencia or Ascend classes for you, but I couldn’t say for sure without knowing more about your situation.

Feel free to contact us to talk more.

Hi, Jeanne. We’re still working on Fall schedules, but we do have a general idea of what we’re going to offer. Which classes were you specifically interested in? I can have someone get in touch with you directly, if you like. Or just check back here. Either way is fine.



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