TestMagic offers a variety of classes designed to help young people excel in school by improving their language and math skills.


Ascend students complete and write an essay on a work of literature every week. In addition, students will learn the basic test-taking skills of Verbal sections of the SAT and PSAT. These enrichment classes are designed to help students understand works of literature taught at a high school level and enhance their verbal skills beyond the test-taking world.


Essencia is designed for high school students whose goals are both to improve their critical thinking and math skills and to get ahead on their SAT prep. Essencia focuses more on the deeper ideas of great literature and prepares students for the tricky math that lies ahead on the SAT. How do we do this? By using works of literature from such authors as Mark Twain and Herman Melville and adapting them to SAT exercises. Essencia is a perfect blend of TestMagic Ascend classes and SAT-prep classes.