What does forsake mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word forsake

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forsake most nearly means

(A) inter (B) err (C) try (D) forswear (E) aim

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Now let’s learn about the word forsake.

Part of Speech of forsake

forsake is a VERB.

Pronunciation forsake

Here’s how to pronounce forsake:

IPA: /fɔr.ˈseɪk/

Glossary-style: [fawr-SAYK]

Definition of forsake

forsake means: give up, leave, or abandon (Ex: to forsake money to continue one’s education).

SAT Vocab: forsake
This father and daughter have been forsaken.
Explain more about forsake, please

forsake basically means to give something up, especially when doing so is difficult or unexpected. For example, you could forsake your homeland for a new country or forsake a friendship in order to get something you want.

Example of forsake

Here’s the word forsake used in a sentence:

I decided to forsake several years of earnings at my job to get an MBA; I believed that doing so would benefit me in the long run.

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Answer to the quick vocab quiz

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