Hi, everybody! I like writing practice SAT questions, so I’ve been working on getting TestMagic set up to publish some practice SAT questions for people to solve. For now, you should simply read the question and choose your answer (in your head). In the future, we may set things up with some quiz functions.

So first, let’s try a challenge practice SAT writing question. Your job is to choose the underlined portion that is incorrect. If you think nothing is incorrect, choose No error

Some sociologists claim that in modern society, people often become indifferent to the suffering of others both because their lives are complex or fulfilling or because an excess of media images and news reports has inured them to misfortune and violence. No error

By the way, I like to use challenge SAT vocabulary in SAT questions. In this question, I put inured (accustomed to or habituated) and indifferent (having no significant feelings about (something)) in the question in case you weren’t already familiar with the words.

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