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Quick Vocab Quiz for the word munificence

First, before you read the explanation, definition, and discussion of the word munificence, try this quick vocab quiz:

munificence most nearly means

(A) skill (B) glee (C) generosity (D) zeal (E) aroma

(Answer is below.)

Part of Speech: NOUN

Pronunciations: IPA: /myu.ˈnɪ.fə.sənts/ Glossary-style: [myoo-NIH-fuh-suhnts]

Definition: great generosity (Ex: The philanthropist showed munificence in donating millions of dollars to medical research.).

Example: Lisa’s munificence was apparent to all who knew her well, but more impressive was the apparent altruism she displayed by giving of herself without calling attention to herself.

Discussion: munificence is a fancy-sounding word, but it’s pretty simple in meaning—it simply means generosity. The word has another meaning as well, one that I chose not to include because it seems to be rather rare. The word munificence can also be used to refer to the fortification (or strengthening) of something to improve its defense.

munificence also has an adjective counterpart—munificent.

But, as I said, this word is not too common. It sounds fairly easy (perhaps because it’s relatively easy to prounce), but many people, even educated native speakers, don’t know what it means.

Answer to the quick quiz above:[spoiler]The best answer is C.

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