TestMagic benefits: live teachers, proprietary instructional materials, official SAT practice tests with review, guarantee of success, a sophisticated supplemental online learning system, smart, ethical teachers and administrators, free workshops and seminars, and a permanent location that you can visit.

TestMagic SAT-prep courses provide high school students with the skills, knowledge, and practice they need to do their best on the SAT and take the test with confidence. Our several offerings of SAT-prep classes are based on our many years of hands-on experience training local students for the high-stakes SAT. For over a decade, we have built and expanded our SAT courses to suit the real-world needs of our students. Already raise your SAT score by 300 points, but need to raise it another 200? Consider TestMagic SAT Propel. Need comprehensive SAT prep with homework that will build your foundation? Be sure to read about ourĀ SAT Omnia class. Are you looking for a shorter course that covers the basics of the SAT? SAT Core might be for you. And of course, we offer private tutoring for SAT as well for students with extremely busy schedules or very specific needs for the SAT.

Read on for more information about why you should consider TestMagic for your SAT prep.

Live instructors

All TestMagic SAT courses include live, dynamic, unscripted classes, like the ones you remember from high school or college–a real human standing only a few feet in front of you talking to you, writing on a white board, and helping you when you have a question. While we have a set curriculum for our SAT-prep classes, each instructor has license (and is in fact encouraged) to draw on his or her own education and experience to deliver the message in the way that works best in each unique group.

An innovative curriculum

We use our own proprietary materials for all of the course portions of the test and only official SAT materials for the practice SAT tests that our students take. We have developed and refined our materials so that they are presented in a way that people can quickly but accurately understand concepts. For the harder, more abstract concepts we prefer explanations and examples to dumbing things down or simplifying. We have an almost obsessive focus on building reasoning skills by providing as much “scaffolding” and support as possible. We’ve built our own databases and software to facilitate creating materials exactly the way that works best for students.

Taking practice SATs is important, but just as important is reviewing those tests

After you take a test, do you want to know how you did and why you made mistakes? Many short SAT courses completely omit any in-class test review. All TestMagic SAT courses include a full, in-class review with a live instructor of each practice SAT test administered.

Of course, we use official SAT tests for the trial runs. If you’re not using official SAT material as the basis of your SAT prep, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Every TestMagic SAT-prep course includes a copy of the Official SAT Study Guide because we believe it’s an essential part of your SAT prep.

The TestMagic guarantee

Yes, we guarantee the effectiveness of the TestMagic curriculum. In a nutshell, we guarantee that your SAT score will increase significantly as a direct result of completing the TestMagic SAT prep course. For more information, read more about our SAT score guarantee.

TestMagic Online

All students, whether they are taking SAT Omnia, SAT Core, or private tutoring for the SAT, are enrolled in TestMagic Online, which supplements, but does not replace, the live classroom experience. TestMagic Online also as extra “booster” lessons to help reinforce what students learn in class or to provide extra practice and learning for those students who want it.

Smart, ethical staff

When we take on new staff, we look for dynamic, intelligent, interesting people who are committed to learning, both inside and outside of the classroom. But TestMagic staff is also comprised of people with strong moral principles, the first of which is this: The student always comes first. All course instructors hold at least a college degree, and many hold advanced degrees. Our staff typically consists of graduate students, medical schools applicants, college instructors, and “ABD” Ph. D. s (meaning they’ve finished their coursework but are in the long process of writing their dissertations).

Workshops and seminars

TestMagic holds regular seminars and workshops throughout the year, some of which are open to the public. For example, we recently held a college admissions seminar presented by a senior TestMagic instructor, a TestMagic instructor who has worked on the admissions committee of an Ivy League university, and the director of TestMagic. And in the late summer, we hold an admissions essay workshop (open to all TestMagic students) in which we give an overview of writing effective personal statements for the college application process.

Permanent locations

If you have a question about your SAT (if you’re a student) or your daughter or son’s performance in class, would you want to be able to talk to an instructor or the director of the program? If you have a question about college admissions, want advice about how to raise your GPA, or just want to say hi, would you want to call someone or set up a meeting? A fixed location is important–it’s important for students and their parents to know that we’re “just around the corner,” so to speak. We talk to people every day about the SAT, about admissions to college and high school, and many of our students, even when they’re still in college, stop by to say hi.