SAT Omnia is TestMagic’s pull-out-all-the-stops SAT prep course. SAT Omnia takes all the features and benefits of the other TestMagic SAT prep courses and adds more: a solid of review of possible gaps in knowledge, intensive in-context building of vocabulary, extensive SAT essay practice, practice on the most challenging math problems (such as combinations, permutations, and tricky word problems), and of course, relevant homework.

The TestMagic SAT Omnia class is hands-down the #1 most popular course that TestMagic offers.

And for good reason. To create the TestMagic SAT Omnia course, we pulled out all the stops. We asked ourselves what we would include in the “perfect” SAT-prep course. SAT Omnia is a result of that process.┬áSAT Omnia incorporates the best of the various courses we teach, synchronizes the material, and drives it home in a way that we guarantee will work.

SAT Omnia provides:

  • Practice SAT tests with review after the test (but not on the same day). Please note: Test review, in our professional opinion, is a vital part of our SAT courses, which is why all of our SAT prep courses include review of the practice test that we administer.
  • Comprehensive SAT verbal prep using the proprietary TestMagic curriculum, which includes special features that focus specifically on boosting students’ vocabulary levels and improving their essay writing skills.
  • Thorough SAT math prep, covering the most important math concepts using proprietary TestMagic curriculum, developed fully in-house by staff from such prestigious universities as Harvard, UC Berkeley, and UCLA.
  • Access to TestMagic online, a robust, full-featured online learning system designed to reinforce important concepts.
  • And much, much more. Really.