What does translucent mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word translucent

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translucent most nearly means

(A) bright (B) tepid (C) semi-opaque (D) lofty (E) finite

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Now let’s learn about the word translucent.

Part of Speech of translucent

translucent is an ADJECTIVE.

Pronunciation translucent

Here’s how to pronounce translucent:

IPA: /trænz.ˈlu.sənt/

Glossary-style: [trahnz-LOO-suhnt]

Definition of translucent

translucent means: not completely clear or completely opaque; transmitting light, but diffusing it such that objects are not clear (Ex: translucent curtains).

Translucent Glass Door
Translucent glass; the glass diffuses the light. (Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/masochismtango/)
Explain more about translucent, please

translucent simply means allowing light to pass through, but not completely or perfectly. For example, typical glass (like that you’d see in the windows of a car) allows most light to pass through relatively undistorted–you can see objects behind the glass very clearly. But if glass is translucent, then it doesn’t allow all the light to pass through in the same way that the windshield of a car does; rather, it diffuses the light in such a way that objects behind the glass are harder to see or make out. A perfect example is frosted glass, which is used, among other reasons, for privacy.

Example of translucent

Here’s the word translucent used in a sentence:

The woman wore a translucent silk scarf over her face to the Halloween party to make it hard to guess her identity while still allowing her to see others.

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Answer to the quick vocab quiz

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