SAT vocabulary: apathy

What does apathy mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word apathy

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apathy most nearly means

(A) respect
(B) lie
(C) ailment
(D) dispassion
(E) calm

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Now let’s learn about the word apathy.

Part of Speech of apathy

apathy is a NOUN.

Pronunciation apathy

Here’s how to pronounce apathy:

IPA: /ˈæ.pə.θi/

Glossary-style: [AH-puh-THee]

Definition of apathy

apathy means: absence or suppression of emotion, especially in relation to important matters (Ex: young people are often accused of apathy).

Explain more about apathy, please

apathy is a great word, it’s pretty commonly tested on various standardized tests (including the SAT and the GRE), and it’s fairly easy to understand to boot.

apathy simply means a lack of feeling. If you think about it, it makes sense—a means not or lacking and path means feeling. So apathy is simply a lack of feeling or emotion.

We use the word apathy to talk about people who lack emotion when we would expect them to have feelings. For example, many teachers complain about so-called student apathy, which refers to a lack of interest in the subject matter of a class. And “voter apathy” refers to the lack of passion or feeling that voters have on election day that results in low voter turnout.

Example of apathy

Here’s the word apathy used in a sentence:

If there is an important election, but only a small percentage of voters turn out, then invariably someone will refer to so-called voter apathy in modern American society.

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