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Quick vocab quiz for the word curb

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curb most nearly means

(A) induce (B) check (C) harm (D) resolve (E) aim

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Now let’s learn about the word curb.

Part of Speech of curb

curb can be a NOUN or a VERB, depending on the context.

Pronunciation curb

Here’s how to pronounce curb:

IPA: /kɜrb/

Glossary-style: [kuhrb]

Definition of curb

curb means: noun: something that restrains or limits. a bit placed in the mouth of a horse to control it. the edge between a sidewalk and a roadway. verb: limit, restrict (Ex: curb one’s appetite). keep close to the curb of a roadway. lead a dog to the curb of a roadway so that it can excrete waste.

Explain more about curb, please
Whoa stop sign
Whoa, Nellie!

curb is one of those words that’s pretty common in English, but has a lot of different meanings ranging from simple, everyday ones to harder, less common ones. Of course, we may think of the curb of a sidewalk when we think of curb, but the meaning I want to focus on today is the one that is used to describe the action of holding back, limiting, or restraining. So, curbin this sense means to hold back. For example, you may talk about curbing your appetite (for example, by chewing gum or drinking coffee).

There is an American television series that shows on the cable channel HBO called “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (created by Larry David, more famously the creator of the iconic “Seinfeld” television series of the 1990s). One way to interpret the title of this television show is “don’t be so happy”. Funny or sad? You decide.

Example of curb

Here’s the word curb used in a sentence:

During difficult economic times, people often curb their spending in order to save money.

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