SAT vocabulary: incipient

Ultrasound Scan illustrating the vocabulary word incipient.
There is very little more wonderful than incipient life.


What does “incipient” mean?

Part of Speech: adjective

Pronunciations: IPA: /ɪn.ˈsɪ.pi.ənt/ Glossary-style: [ihn-SIH-pee-uhnt]

Definition: starting to exist or appear; initial; beginning (Ex: an incipient problem).

Example: Because they believed it best to handle incipient problems as soon as they arise, city officials took the growing unrest seriously and scheduled meetings with community leaders to address the problems before they worsened.

Discussion: We often use the word “incipient” to refer to the early stages of the development of something that we expect to have at least a few more stages. The word connotes something young, developing, or growing, i.e., something not fully mature.

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