What does loathe mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word loathe

First, before you read about the word loathe, try this quick vocab quiz:

loathe most nearly means

(A) act
(B) reject
(C) find
(D) abhor
(E) open

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Now let’s learn about the word loathe.

Part of Speech of loathe

loathe is a(n) VERB.

Pronunciation loathe

Here’s how to pronounce loathe:

IPA: /loʊð/

Glossary-style: [LOAth]

Definition of loathe

loathe means: strongly dislike or feel disgust for something.

Explain more about loathe, please

If you loathe something, you hate it, strongly dislike it, feel nauseated when you hear about it or see it, etc. You get the idea–loathe basically means hate, but perhaps to a lesser degree. In other words:

loathe < hate One final note--the word hate has definite negative connotations, and some people avoid using the word because it may be deemed offensive. For example, if it’s socially unacceptable to say that you hate cilantro (an herb that people seem to either love or hate, um, dislike), it’s probably less so to say that you loathe it.

Example of loathe

Here’s the word loathe used in a sentence:

I loathe exercising in the mornings, but for some reason, I have plenty of energy in the afternoons.

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Answer to the quick vocab quiz

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