SAT vocabulary: malleable

A bent spoon illustrates the challenge vocabulary word "malleable"
This is my spoon after a 3,000-calorie dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

What does malleable mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word malleable

First, before you read about the word malleable, try this quick vocab quiz:

malleable most nearly means

(A) unstable
(B) happy
(C) praiseworthy
(D) manipulable
(E) tender

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Now let’s learn about the word malleable.

Part of Speech of malleable

malleable is an ADJECTIVE.

Pronunciation malleable

Here’s how to pronounce malleable:

IPA: /ˈmæl.i.ə.bəl/

Glossary-style: [MAHL-ee-uh-buhl]

Definition of malleable

malleable means: able to be shaped or formed. able to adapt to changes. easily controlled or influenced.

Explain more about malleable, please

When I think of malleable, I think of soft metals, such as gold, lead, or even aluminum. But malleable can refer to pretty much anything that is flexible or bendable, either literally or metaphorically. So a malleable person would be someone who can easily fit in or adapt to different situations.

Example of malleable

Here’s the word malleable used in a sentence:

Gold and lead are common examples of malleable metals; gold, for example, is so soft that you can dent it with your fingernail.

If you’ve read this far, you’re a great student and will learn vocabulary quickly. You may now check your answer.

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