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SAT vocabulary: mirth

What does mirth mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word mirth

First, before you read about the word mirth, try this quick vocab quiz:

mirth most nearly means

(A) anger
(B) act
(C) failure
(D) happiness
(E) desire

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Now let’s learn about the word mirth.

Part of Speech of mirth

mirth is a NOUN.

Pronunciation of mirth

Here’s how to pronounce mirth:

IPA: /mərθ/

Glossary-style: [muhrth]

Definition of mirth

mirth means: happiness, gaiety, or jollity; pleasure or joy (Ex: a day full of mirth).

Explain more about mirth, please

mirth is simply happiness. The word mirth has some connotations of enjoying oneself in a the company of others, especially at holiday times, family meals, and yes, alcohol.

Finally, the word mirth sounds a bit old, so you’re more likely to come across it older writings than modern ones.

Example of mirth

Here’s the word mirth used in a sentence:

The New Year’s Eve party was marked by great mirth as friends celebrated the incoming year together.

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