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SAT vocabulary: ostracize

What does ostracize mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word ostracize

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ostracize most nearly means

(A) banish
(B) insist
(C) destroy
(D) decline
(E) mimic

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Now let’s learn about the word ostracize.

Part of Speech of ostracize

ostracize is a VERB.

Pronunciation ostracize

Here’s how to pronounce ostracize:

IPA: /ˈɒ.strə.saɪz/

Glossary-style: [AH-struh-saiz]

Definition of ostracize

ostracize means: exclude from a community or group, especially by consent of the group (Ex: to be ostracized from a circle of friends for criminal behavior).

Explain more about ostracize, please

To ostracize someone is simply to kick him out of a group, especially because he has done something very, very bad or even reprehensible. People are sometimes figuratively or literally ostracized from a group when they violate trust, say by commiting particularly violent crimes. For example, you and your friends may decide to ostracize a member of your circle of friends if you discover that he has somehow violated your trust (by lying, stealing, etc.).

Example of ostracize

Here’s the word ostracize used in a sentence:

Damien was ostracized by his friends at school after they found out that he had been lying and back-stabbing everyone to make new friends.

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