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quaff most nearly means

(A) imbibe (B) raze (C) nix (D) incur (E) flee

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Part of Speech: VERB or NOUN

Pronunciations: IPA: /kwɒf/ Glossary-style: [kwohf]

Definition: verb: drink in great quantity with pleasure, as alcohol. noun: a drink that is drunk in great quantity with pleasure. an act of drinking in great quantity with pleasure.

Give it to me straight: quaff is a pretty simple word; it simply means to drink, especially with great enjoyment. quaff is typically used with alcoholic drinks as its object, but it’s entirely possible to quaff other liquids as well (it’s just that people tend to enjoy drinking alcohol so much more so than they do other liquids).

And in the U.S. quaff is used somewhat ironically (much like egad or huzzah) as it sounds a bit unusual or archaic to many American ears.

Example: College students (for example those in the United States) are known for quaffing great amounts of alcohol, typically in the form of cheap beer. (And just for the record, this is a very bad habit.)

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