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Part of Speech: NOUN

Pronunciations: IPA: /ˈtaɪ.reɪd/ Glossary-style: [TY-rayd]

Definition: an act of speaking angrily at length abut something (Ex: a tirade about politicias).

Example: I had heard stories from friends about their parents going into tirades when they got bad grades, but my parents never yelled at me; rather, they talked to me about what had happened in class and what I could do to improve.

Discussion: We’ve all heard tirades before, whether in movies, from crazy people wandering the streets railing against unseen villains, or occasionally, from our own parents, as when they lecture us on our failings.

A tirade is simply a bit of speaking that goes on longer than normal and is angry. For example, if someone has kept his emotions bottled up for months but finally loses his temper, he may launch into a tirade, or “lose it”, as we say idiomatically.

Here’s a pretty well-known example from the movie Network (a great movie, by the way) of the star going into a tirade:

Warning: The language is, while not profane, mature.

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