What does unanimity mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word unanimity

First, before you read about the word unanimity, try this quick vocab quiz:

unanimity most nearly means

(A) agreement
(B) force
(C) ire
(D) goal
(E) gap

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Now let’s learn about the word unanimity.

Part of Speech of unanimity

unanimity is a NOUN.

Pronunciation unanimity

Here’s how to pronounce unanimity:

IPA: /yu.nə.ˈnɪ.mə.ti/

Glossary-style: [yoo-nuh-NIH-muh-tee]

Definition of unanimity

unanimity means: the state of complete agreement or harmony (Ex: true unanimity is virtually impossible).

Explain more about unanimity, please

unanimity simply means complete agreement. For example, if you take a vote on whether to end class early and everyone votes yes, then we say that the vote was unanimous. unanimity is simply the noun form of unanimous. So in this case, we could say, that “We were not suprised by the unanimity of the vote.”

Example of unanimity

Here’s the word unanimity used in a sentence:

Because people tend to have differing opinions, unanimity in a large group will be difficult or impossible, so it was all the more surprising when not a single dissenting vote was cast during the election.

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Answer to the quick vocab quiz

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