This man's expression illustrates the challenge vocabulary word "vexation"
*grumble, grumble”

What does vexation mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word vexation

First, before you read about the word vexation, try this quick vocab quiz:

vexation most nearly means

(A) annoyance
(B) activity
(C) permanence
(D) contortion
(E) dearth

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Now let’s learn about the word vexation.

Part of Speech of vexation

vexation is a(n) NOUN.

Pronunciation vexation

Here’s how to pronounce vexation:

IPA: /vɛk.ˈseɪ.ʃən/

Glossary-style: [vehk-SAY-shuhn]

Definition of vexation

vexation means: the state of feeling annoyed, irritated, or bothered (Ex: her vexation was obvious). something that annoys or irritates (Ex: Hot weather can be a vexation for some people.).

Explain more about vexation, please

vexation sounds like a highfalutin word, and perhaps it is, but it really just basically means irritation or annoyance. In simpler language vexation just refers to being irritated, annoyed, bothered, or “bugged”.

Example of vexation

Here’s the word vexation used in a sentence:

The vexation of being lost while on vacation can often turn into something wonderful in that you may end up discovering something interesting by traveling the “road less traveled”.

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