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"Wistful? Me? Anthropomorphize much?

What does wistful mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word wistful

First, before you read about the word wistful, try this quick vocab quiz:

wistful most nearly means

(A) angry
(B) drenched
(C) happy
(D) yearning
(E) diverse

Write your answer down, or just store it in that razor-sharp mind of yours. (If you can’t wait, the answer is below.)

Now let’s learn about the word wistful.

Part of Speech of wistful

wistful is an ADJECTIVE.

Pronunciation of wistful

Here’s how to pronounce wistful:

IPA: /ˈwɪst.fəl/

Glossary-style: [WIHST-fuhl]

Definition of wistful

wistful means: characterized by melancholy or sadness; sad. longing or yearning for something. pensive or thinking about something deeply, especially in a sad way.

Explain more about wistful, please

wistful means sad and lost in thought, especially as if you’re missing someone or something. For example, if you get caught up in remembering good times that are long gone or someone you used to know and love who is no longer with you, you may become wistful. *sigh*

Example of wistful

Here’s the word wistful used in a sentence:

Rohit appeared wistful when someone mentioned his absence from the senior prom; he later confided that he’d long dreamt of participating in this rite of passage and knew he’d never have another chance to repeat it.

If you’ve read this far, you’re a great student and will learn vocabulary quickly. You may now check your answer.

Answer to the quick vocab quiz

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